Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

I've never been very good at making or keeping resolutions. I'm good at thinking about them and taking account of the not so stellar bits of my character. This year I've thought a lot and I'm not going to pick on myself so much. I'm going to instead focus on resolutions that I know will bless my life and naturally improve me and those not so stellar bits of my character.

1. Attend the temple at least Monthly. I went January 2nd! Yeah me! I was spiritually uplifted, strengthened and renewed. I will report monthly on my gratitude blog on my progress.
2. Listen to and not question the whisperings of the spirit. It was this whispering that took me to the temple on Saturday. I was prompted to go and then I looked at around at my house and thought of the week ahead and decided I should wait and go after I took the kids to school one day this week and then I thought, no, I was prompted to go today. I went (made it to the very last session of the day) and knew I was meant to be there. It was this whispering that led me to bear my testimony in sacrament meeting yesterday and it is these whisperings that will take my where my Heavenly Father wants me to be and I KNOW that this will lead to greater happiness than I presently know and make me the better person that no number of nit picking resolutions will ever help me to be!

That's it. . . no diet, no promise to write in my journal every day, no ideas of turning my 40 year old body into a super model figure, no swearing off bad days or bad words, no giving up diet Coke (at least for now) and no promises to myself that I probably won't keep. . .

Happy New Year!

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