Monday, January 4, 2010

154-195 Things I am Grateful For

154. A comfortable and nice home
155. A pool and playground in the backyard
156. Healthy Kids
157. A New Year
158. My bed
159. Advil
160. Hot water in the shower (6 people, 50 gallons, just didn't last!)
161. A dishwasher that works
162. A phone line in my new office
163. Children that still believe
164. My car
165. Gas in my car
166. Food in my fridge, pantry and extra to boot!
167. Freedom
168. My wardrobe (which was in storage for a while!)
169. My own bathroom vanity again
170. Salt City Candles (I just adore them! There aren't any better!) Evergreen, Candy Cane and Pepperberry Wreath at Christmas, Pumpkin Spice in the Fall and Home Sweet Home or Pomegranate the rest of the year!!!
171. My computer
172. My camera
173. My cell phone
174. My Ipod (even though it's a dinosaur!)
175. Christmas Music
176. Weather under 70'
177. My faith
178. My testimony
179. Christmas cards, letters and pictures from friends
180. My health
181. Friends that love me
182. Time spent with family
183. A love of cooking
184. Yummy carmels
185. Peppermint Tea
186. I didn't need anything for Christmas
187. The surprise framed photo of Montana my brother sent me for Christmas
188. School Vacations
189. Each new day to try again
190. Ann John and her family
191. The Garden Lakes Ward
192. The Estrella Hills Ward
193. Our NEW Canyon Trails Ward
194. Elizabeth's late night visit
195. Paula's listening ear

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