Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Stripling Warriors

Is it possible for someone as ordinary as me to raise up a mighty generation unto the Lord? I've read about the Strippling Warriors and the scripture that simply states that their mother's taught them, but can it really be that simple?

On Sunday I had a glimpse that it just may be so. Easter was coming to a close. We'd had a long week and I had little sleep for several days. I wanted, before Easter was over, to have a little spiritual depth with my kids about Easter. We went to church, but I wanted just a little bit more. I chose the movie The Lamb of God. We've seen it before, but this year my kids were riveted. I understand that Mikensee (now 11) may have more interest, but Wyatt and Walker are 4 and they just couldn't take their eyes off it. Jessica asked questions, all 4 of them had moist eyes. When Walker said to me that he didn't know why they would hurt Jesus and that it made him cry, I felt, for a moment, that maybe, just maybe, just teaching them can garner the results I'd like to see. . .Valiant spirit sons and daughters who look like Christ, preach of Christ and testify of Christ. . . that they might be like the Armies of Helaman, the Strippling Warriors who fought for life, liberty and their freedom to believe in Christ. And my kids in a day and age where their belief in Christ may be the only thing that gets them through.

For this moment, this day, this time with my kids I am thankful.

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